Video surveillance in logistics centres.

Logistics and goods distribution centers are characterized by large-scale and differently structured properties. Such complex areas require special security technologies for professional and comprehensive monitoring. That’s where SECONTEC comes in!

Logistics monitoring with SECONTEC

We rely on the use of highly developed technology and specifically customised services. With a tried-and-tested combination of modern video hardware, AI-based software and real-time remote monitoring by our experts ...

... we protect goods, freight, vehicles and fuels.

... we increase the level of security for our customers.

... we reduce monitoring costs for security services etc.

... we give freight theft and the manipulation of goods by criminal organisations no chance.

All this is possible because SECONTEC's security system reacts faster than conventional security concepts. Because our motto is: Prevent damage before it occurs - the sooner you know.

Our areas of specialisation in logistics monitoring include vehicle logistics and, in particular, flank protection. For many customers, it is equally important to control who has access to their premises. We therefore offer access control systems for employees and guests - both during and outside business hours.


Video surveillance for your company!

Do you need a surveillance solution for your storage areas? A solution that additionally maintains an overview of supply chains, buildings, inventories or vehicle entrance and exit points? With SECONTEC, you’re in exactly the right place. Contact us – we’re sure to have the perfect solution for you.

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